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Please only use your custom link for promotions. This will help us track our collective efforts as well as inform us of any issues impacting engagement that we need to change during the promotional period.

Andrew Harvey: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/anha

Caroline Myss: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/camy

Carolyn Baker, Ph.D.: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/caba

Clare Dubois: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/cldu

Diane Hennacy Powell, Ph.D.: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/dihp

Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D.: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/evla

James Murray-White: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/jamw

Jude Currivan, Ph.D.: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/jucu

Judy Atkinson, Ph.D.: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/juat

Jyoti Ma: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/jyma

Kylie P. Harris, Ph.D.: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/kyha

Luisah Teish: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/lute

Michael Mann, Ph.D.: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/mima

Mick Collins Ph.D.: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/mico

Paul Levy: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/pale

Sarah McCrum: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/samc

Stephen Dinan: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/stdi

Steven McFadden: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/stmc

Victor Steffensen: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/vist


ACISTE: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/aciste

Bipolar Awakenings: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/biaw

Blue Lotus: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/bllo

Emerging Proud: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/empr

Green Lane Films: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/green

IMHU: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/imhu

ISEN: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/isen

ITTC: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/ittc

Scientific & Medical Network: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/scimed

The Curious Spirit: https://www.birthnewearthsummit.com/tcs

REMINDER: The Promotional Period Runs October 20th - November 4th


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