Ready to sustainably grow your business by replacing the masculine marketing and sales strategies with a sacred feminine approach so you can create more INCOME and IMPACT?

What if you could build a business that is an extension of your soul purpose?

A business that focuses on a deep connection to your natural cycle and your divine gifts…

A business that uplifts your community and celebrates all seasons of your entrepreneurial journey…

A business that creates expansion at every level and abundance in every season...

What if you could learn the art of the sacred feminine business from a group of brilliant transformational leaders, powerful coaches, embodied teachers, and talented healers who are embodying their vision and leading this sacred feminine revolution?

Now is the time for women to rise as feminine leaders and share our unique medicine with the world. Without the hustle and burnout.

It’s time for a revolutionary feminine approach to make the biggest possible impact on the world and increase our income while enjoying plenty of time for self-care and doing what lights you up.

During this 6-day paradigm-shifting online training series, you’ll be invited to…

Cultivate your feminine power and truly live your destiny by discovering how the sacred feminine can help you create a revolutionary business.
Heal your visibility wounds and overcome your limiting beliefs around being seen and heard on a larger stage to fully claim your message.
Learn how to avoid the biggest pitfalls that cost feminine entrepreneurs time, joy, and even their business.
Step out of burnout, hustle, and overworking to create a business and life that calls in your divine prosperity and honors all parts of yourself.
Learn why living your purpose is essential to cultivating your feminine power and what you can do as a coach, healer, or feminine leader to have your business be a sacred force for transformation in the world.

You’ll leave the Sacred Feminine Business Revolution Summit with clear steps and endless ideas for how to align with your soul purpose, honor your natural rhythms, and unleash your inherent prosperity so you can step into your destiny.

The revolution begins on Tuesday, December 7th.

About Terra Christoff, Ph.D., Business Coach & Founder of Women on Purpose Program

For nearly two decades, I’ve helped thousands of coaches, healers, and feminine leaders 

 create a sacred feminine business while having the confidence and strategy to step into their next level of income and impact.

My clients have been able to double their email list and income while getting out of overwhelm.

Even more importantly, my clients support their communities, change the world, and spread their powerful message around the globe through their sacred feminine businesses!

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